VIP Multimedia Network Solutions (VIP stands for View In Perspective) is a non-profit format devising and video production company - registered with the pioneering aim to develop adventure-driven broadcast formats to unroll socioeconomic and environmental priorities as cohesive business, and in-vogue lifestyle solutions in collaborative efforts with the business sector, media entities, celebrities, and the public.

The unique part is that ‘profit’ from broadcast productions, and purpose driven marketing campaigns linked to storylines will be channelled back to drive development goals. Exposure value will also be exchanged for incubator aid, resources, and expertise, while an A-Z blueprint with 3 Divisions - coined THE VIP MODEL – will enable community protégés, business, media, and public participants to become part of the tailor-made action.

Division 1 will focus on hybrid edutainment reality productions devised to turn eco-tourism and human settlement development for communities into vibrant social cohesion and purpose-driven exposure platforms. Innovation Hubs in Division 2 will run alongside reality editions as strategy platforms – while Division 3 will engage global audiences via a sideshow called Conquest 364 that inspire nations as a whole to custom-make reformation plans for their own regions.

The aim?
To celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy of sensible solution-finding, goodwill,
and unselfish efforts to motivate just societies.

Rix V- Creative Director

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