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Leon Breytenbach

Leon Breytenbach from motion picture effects who gave a week of his time, professional equipment and paid his own expense to film the corporate pilot. Who fearlessly dragged himself along freezing waters and difficult terrain despite a high fever from a nasty flu to capture breathtaking shots, especially at the Mnyameni Waterfall. Leon, known for this special effects on numerous international feature film. Contact Leon on +27 (0) 82 8595313 —  -

Mike Thorne 3D Productions

VIP expresses gratitude to Mike Thorne of Mike Thorne 3D Productions who made some of his glorious animations and graphics available for our web sites. His portfolio includes 3D Industrial Modeling and Animation. That entails building up a company's production line (machines) in 3D and showing this as a Work Flow Chart or animated 3D video for staff training or induction as well as promotional brochures etc. His clients include Sappi, Hillside Aluminium, Bayside Aluminum, and Hulamin in Pietermaritzburg. Contact Mike on 031 7083205 or +27 (0) 723483097


To Henk, Corrie & the Tecleo team for your dedicated efforts to help with our data recovery & hardware solutions. They specialize in the recovery, protection, safekeeping, storing, retrieving, converting, investigating, unlocking and even destroying of your digital information, from server and RAID volumes, PC and laptopdisk drives, backup tapes, CD/DVD media, compact flash and almost all other types of digital data media, irrespective of the condition of the media, including electro-mechanical failure, data corruption, virus infections, data deletion, or any other potential data threatening situation. Contact: 0860 600 800  -

SABC Mobile

Phillip and Shanitha of SABC Mobile for their assistance and guidance with mobile vote options and contributions.

Contact them on 011 714 6388 — Fax 011 714 6288 — email  or +27 (0) 82 7701234


Riana van der Merwe - Creative Director

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